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31. If a frequency distribution of a population conforms to the so-called normal distribution, then what percentage of measurements in the population fall within one standard deviation of the population mean?
A. 40.0%
B. 79.0%
C. 68.3%
D. 123.6%

32. Material should arrive on the scheduled delivery data Which of the following would NOT be a good reason to delay shipments until the scheduled delivery data:
    A. The receiving function may not be adequately organized. 接收职能可能没有得到充分组织。
B. The bill must be paid earlier than necessary. 单据必须必需要更早得到支付。
C. There may be insufficient storage area for the material. 可能没有足够的仓储空间存放原料。
D. Inventory costs are increased. 存货成本增加了。

33. The advantages of multi-sourcing include all Out which of the following:
A. Competition among suppliers helps control price increases. 供应商之间的竞争有助于控制价格的上涨。
B. There is less paperwork involved. 减少了相应的文书工作。
C. Negotiations are easier because the supplier knows there is competition. 谈判变得更加容易,因为供应商知道存在竞争。
D. Risk of interruption of supply because of a strike at one supplier is reduced because the other supplier can still make deliveries. 减少了由于一个供应商发生罢工而导致供货中断的风险,因为其他供应商仍能交货。

34. What would you say to your boss if he says that you should give orders to a certain supplier because if you do the supplier promised that your company will receive a substantial amount of business from that supplier? 如果你的老板指出你应该将定单下给某一供应商,因为该供应商保证你的公司能获得足够的生意,你应作何表示?
A. Reciprocity is a Violation of Chinese law. 互惠条款有违中国法律。
B. The supplier should be competitive. 供应商应该有竞争力。
C. Reciprocity in international purchasing is rarely appropriate. 在国际采购中,互惠极少是适当的作法。
D. You are the boss. Anything you say is OK with me. 你是老板。你说的任何事对我都可以。

35. The advantages of centralized purchasing include all Out which of the following:
A. If more than one buyer is needed, each buyer can be assigned certain products and specialize in knowing the market for those products. 如果需要不只一名采购师,那么每一名采购师可以被安排在某种产品上,并得以专门了解那些产品的市场。
B. Politics is eliminated. 排除了政治因素。
C. Combining volumes from various locations helps the buyer negotiate lower costs. 将各地的数量组合起来,有助于采购师谈判更低的价格。
D. Combining orders reduces paperwork and duplication of effort. 将定单组合起来,减少了文书工作和重复努力。

36. Assume your company has plenty of cash on hand and that commercial investments are yielding 9% return. After thorough negotiation, you receive three bids that are equal in every respect except for payment terms One supplier offers Net, another 2% 10, Net 30, and the third offers Net 60. Check the offer you should accept. 
    A. Net 净价
B. 2%10/Net 30 2% 10/净价30
C. Net60净价60
D. None of the above 上述都不是

37. In any view of an engineering drawing there will be some pans of the object that cannot be seen from the position of the observer, as they will be covered by portions of the object closer to the observer’s eye. The edges, intersections, and surface limits of these hidden pans are indicated by which of: the following “conventions”:
    A. Tiny circles around the entire shape of the object. 物体整个轮廓周围细小的圆环。
B. A line made up of short dashes, sometimes called “dotted lines” by draftsmen. 由短线组成的虚线,有时被绘图员称为“点线”。
C. A heavy black line tracing the shape of the hidden area. 描绘隐藏区域轮廓的深黑线。
D. A View from the top of the object. 从物体顶端的视界。

38. The standard symbol for center lines on finished engineering drawings is which of the following:
    A. A heavy unbroken line. 深色的不间断的线 。
B. Two side by side thin lines. 两条并排的细线。
C. A fine line made up of alternate long and short dashes. 由长短虚线交替组成的细线。
D. A fine unbroken line. 不间断的细线。

39. Assume you received a price quotation that offers a product for 200 French Francs per 100 centimeters of a special proprietary material. You learn that the currency exchange rate is .06 French francs per 1 RMB. The person needing the material requires 10 lineal feet of the material. How much do you need to pay for the quantity required in RMB? Hint: 2.54 centimeters =1 inch and 30.48 centimeters=1 foot.
    A. 2340RMB 2340人民币
B. 3333RMB 3333人民币
C. 10160RMB 10160人民币
D. 84RMB 84人民币

40. What is the “annualized opportunity cost of foregoing a discount” (sometimes called “annualized simple uncompounded rate”) of 1.5% 10/Net 30?
1.5% 10/净价30以“提前付款折扣按年计算的机会成本”(有时被称为按年计算的非复利单利)是多少?
A. 18%
B. 27.4%
C. 36.5%

D. 1.5%

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